Friday, March 25, 2011

Dia. . .Monologue VI

*Tip toes in*

Hey...I've missed this place. Nope, I didn't go in search of greener pastures. I didn't go to Timbuktu, no. No, I didn't get married. I know these as true. What i'm not quite sure of is what happened to my muse. We've been "back-and-forth'ing on giving me a gig for the past year. So I've decided to call his bluff. 

I hope it was a good idea. 

I was reading through my stuff and thought i should continue my Dia...Monologues :) Here's what i came up with.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2011 at 8:32pm
Location: Hers...

“…Come Closer….Come into this…“

Oh! I love this poem! (beat) Yeah….Speaks to me…and the way you read it just now makes me actually want to...come...closer...It had a sensual ring to it…(beat) (Raised eyebrow) Are you telling me something? (beat) Oh Come on! You’re 20….Surely you understand what I’m talking about…(Beat)(Scoffs) It’s Nothing. (Beat) Oh cut the Genetic Attraction Crap...!

Okay! There’s an intercourse..a discussion we must have immediately…before I say other things (Beat) Stop calling me Daddy. I’m not your daddy. You were adopted. (Beat) Yes. She’s not your Mommy. I’m not your daddy. (Beat)

(huskily) Come  on...Relax…The good part is that we can move past this daddy – Daughter bullshit and have us a party! Just you and me…Wine and music…and…(Beat) Hey! What’s wrong?? (Beat) Where are you going??  



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