Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know it's been a wee while. My last post was about death....sigh...I just  figured this is a great way to herald the closing of the year. {Hopefully i shall put uup another post before the end of the year ;-) }
There's a fire...Fire of Love raging on all my FB and twitter pages today :-) I love y'all. Awesome people. God bless y'all :)

Note to self: Respond to all the messages. 

The Goood part: ARSENAL WHUPPED CHELSEA AT THE EMIRATES LAST NIGHT!!!!! WOOOOOP WOOOOOOP!!!! That was the best gift anyone could give to me!!!! I watched the match....I havent watched an Arsenal match in Eons!!

Bestest Part: XXXXXX CALLED ME!!! heehehehe No names. Just think of  a celeb that can sing your clothes off...Yep. that one :D My friend put him up to it. She told him it was my birthday and thought he should give me a surprise call.

Well it started from a subliminal tweet ;-) i said something like "it's my birthday on the 28th and i wish you'd call me and sing to me..sigh...#ifwisheswerehorses.." Apparently, my friend who has friends in high places saw the tweet and went to work since she just know who i always rave about :D (No names :D) and booooooy was i surprised to the roots of my kinks! Me! The Nothing-can-ever-faze-me Ad....I was reduced to a blubbering messy mess. I think i said something like "OmyGod! OmyGod! OmyGod! OmyGod!  I'm hyperventilating...forgive me...OmyGod! OmyGod!" Poor guy! I'm sure he was thoroughly embarrassed.

I can't wait to meet you... #Subliminal :D

*insert 27 Cart wheels*

HE CALLED!! I took the call and said in my most business-like voice "Hello, goodmorning..." then he sang to me...oh he sang to me...*dreamy* Ohmadaiiiiizzzzz!!! He played his guitar and sang to ME!

I think I died and went to heaven...then I had to come back to earth at some point....back to reality.

Back at work.

That's the not so fun part...I'm at frigging work when i should be out getting my boogiieee on....Oh well...I got my dream man....sing to me before 8am....i cant win all na, abi?

So my first gift was The Man's voice *ohmadaizzzzzzzz*...then a bottle of Amarula followed...Then a phone. Who knows what the evening will bring?



journeytoprint said...

Happy Belated Bday Hun!
Happy New Year!

Owner.AsTheWorldChanges said...

happy birthday!

AlooFar said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Happy New Year.

wellsbaba said...

wheres ur 2011 post joor

aeedeeaee said...


Thank you :)

@wells Soon Luv....working on it. May not be on this blog tho...

Vera Ezimora said...

If it weren't so far off Dec 28th, I'd go searching for that tweet. LOL.

Happy birthday.

Vera Ezimora said...

If it weren't so far off Dec 28th, I'd go searching for that tweet. LOL.

Happy birthday

aeedeeaee said...

LOL! Vera..i think i fave'd the tweet sef *wink* I shall show you the way should i find it :D

Thanks hun, It's exactly one month today! :D