Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dia. . .Monologue III

Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 5:17pm @ His (or not??)

(Pacing) Shit. Shit. Shit! Is that all you're going to say? I'm pregnant! Didn't you. . .(Beat) Wh. . . (beat) What?? How in HADES is my being pregnant MY fault???? (Beat) I should've been more careful? (Beat) Are you kidding me?? (beat) Hell, why are we even discussing this...We're supposed to be making plans not getting mad!! (Beat) We were gon' get married, aren't we? (beat) So what you didn't plan for this. . .did I? (Beat) Oh great! I probably did, huh?(Beat). . . What? (beat) TRAP YOU?? Oh, shit! This has got to be a dream!! (Beat) I'm listening. . . (beat) I don't understand... (Beat) You're MARRIED??!! Oh Shit!(Thud)


RocNaija said...

Happens more often than a lot are willing to admit..

aeedeeaee said...'s like a friggin' disease...fourth finger bands slipped into lie...then two...and then BAM! Shit hits the fan...


RocNaija said...

Days of polygamy were bliss then, no? :)