Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Randomery...Jes' coz ah ken :p



I'm officially sick of living in a hotel. Sadly, getting a place in this my new hangout is a job for the spartans, walahi. Sotay they are asking for me to pay rent for 2 years. 2 years! What if get bored in a year? What happens then? The moment they hear you're from a radio station, they immediately see money pouring out of all your orifices! Hiaa


I really should stop watching the news. I should just watch movies instead. Comedy flicks. There's too much sadness in this world :(  


My Brother's fine. Sister's got through to him finally. His place is fine too. My uncle's place is another story. Thankfully, no one's hurt. Just a little shaken.


If I don't eat ham again, it'll be too soon. My stomach probably has a special compartment for all the ham i've eaten in the last 6 weeks. I need to pay for a place soon. This is madness! 


My P90X Videos are just busy pointing at me and laughing. This is me who wants a beach body by August. *Points and Laughs* I have to be sexy by Christmas. *remembers bathroom scale result from this a.m* This is not good for my heart  :| I have to be ripped mehhhn! 
Fluffy has to go :|


Two nights ago, I started out of bed. I couldn't breathe. I ran to the door, opened it, praying I wouldn't have to crawl out for help. I didn't. I got better. I still don't know what happened. I just couldn't breathe. I was so disoriented. A visit to the doctor is necessary, I reckon. 


Living alone is the best thing since coca cola but mehnnnn...just pray say nothing do you.


I've gotta split. 

Sleep well y'all. It is gonna be an early night pour moi.



Toinlicious said...

You really should see a doctor and get checked out.

My smartphone got nuked so i am blissfully unaware of the bad things happening around atm. I usually avoid the news but social media brings it in my face but now...pure bliss

Aee Bonrue said...

I got checked out. Allergens. sigh. I just have to be more careful what I inhale.

seye said...

Yay!! i still have my coca cola buddy