Monday, June 24, 2013

Insomnia and all her friends...


Shift done and dusted.

Tucked in for the night but for some weird reason, I can't sleep.

Of course my mind start to wander...I find myself seriously debating with myself:

What does it matter what people think about you?
Well, actually, "What would people say about you?"

If you were to carry out a survey on yourself, what will people say you are?

I guess I should just concern myself with counting goslings...

I should just go to sleep.


HoneyDame said...

"She's arrogant" "She's humble" "She's nice" "She's heartless" "She's funny" "She's boring"

I really cant be bothered much by what people have to say......there is hardly ever a consensus in their opinions

Ginger said...

Exactly Honeydame. My sisters and close friends are the only peeps I take their opinion seriously.
Anyother ... With a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper.