Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fi le! Don't tosh it...


This is not a real post...the marra is just paining me in my chest...this is why i've written.

I don't know if it's just me, or if other people think this too...What is it about these men and thier crotches? JT's? Crown Jewels? Dicks? Or like someone I know likes to call it, whachuliketacallit? Or generally speaking, Penises? Why do them guys always reach for thier penises...nay...grab their penises given the slightest window (Read: When they think no one's watching.) You know, they just grab the thing like "Hey dude! You still there?"

Gogo,  a pal of mine,  on our way back from a gig recently, got me seriously worried when he had to scream "Leave the damn DICK alone!" at some guy...the guy scurried accros the street, Penis in hand! He didn't care about the damn message! Please don't even say Penis Envy, cos that was a guy and he posseses a Damn Penis! Imagine shooting a live show and having to lose all the long shots cos the idiot in the spot light couldn't leave his Damn Dick be!

I find myself asking: Do they have to confirm everytime that the thingie's still hanging? Or does the shit get heavy after a while? Or as my Shrink sister said last night when the convo came up, do most guys have Penile Fixation?

My take: I think it's outright harrassment, guys! Ahn ahn! How would you feel if women grabbed their boobs at the slightest provocation, eh? If it helps, get some good ol' drawers...it's obvious boxers don't work anymore...abi?


Somborri's already threatening me with a retort. I say, Bring It On! Afterall, i no lie na...

© Moi


Myne Whitman said...

LOL, how do you know I asked someone that question just last night? Hehhe, men oya answer.

ttlolla said...

I thought i was the only one who wondered why guys just touch, the thing, usually 'the general' or 'tinky winky' or something dumb like that.

Its there , am sure its not running away

aeedeeaee said...

@ Myne
The thing taya me o! lol.

@ Ttlolla
i've wondered fo a long time, i just had to say sum'n...

Thanks for reading, ladies!

blonks said...

Can i ask a foolish question? What business is it of yours if a guy wants to twiddle HIS tool? Do you feel it when he touches it? Does it belong to you?
I feel that when a chick complains about a guy clutching his d**k reminds me a guy complaining about a chick exposing her boobs and ass. It is absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Either you enjoy the sight.....or you take your eyes away. (Abi you wan help am hold am?)
After all i never heard many chicks (aeedeeaee inclusive) complaining when Micheal Jackson was grabbing his......

aeedeeaee said...

First of all welcome.
Second of all, why did you bring MJJ into this discussion ehn? MJ's crotch grabbing antics were saved for the stage, friend...It was an ACT! He never went around grabbing his crotch at events or awards or interview sessions or walking the street...and dont you dare ask me if i was there! *side eye*