Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ok. this is about a Nigerian pastor who tried to scam a church in the US and they made a complete idiot out of him.
The story below (as told by) Ifeanyi N.aka 419eater, is an anti-scam person who specializes in helping people being scammed by Nigerian Pastors by simply pretending and assuming the person being scammed, takes over the entire negotiations/ discussions with the scammer with the sole aim of exposing him to the world on the Internet. 
Pastor Samuel Eze of God Love Bible Ministry in Apapa, approaches the Church of Bread and Wine abroad with the aim of helping them spread the work here in Nigeria , however he has a shortcoming: He needs funds. Thus he asked the Church to provide him with $74,000 to foster a joint venture between the two churches... 
419eater is contacted and takes over and poses as Father Ted Chilly of the Bread and Wine Church. He immediately responds to Samuel Eze's email requesting the funds ($74,000) 
This is a picture of the “Church of Bread and Wine"
...and it’s Photoshop!! To fool Pastor Samuel!! 

Says "Father Ted" (419eater) to Pastor Samuel in his email reply to him: "You have come to the right place. We have over 300 churches world-wide and love to help upcoming churches like yours. We don't, however send funds without recourse to our due procedures, in order to be sure of where our funds are being sent. You must follow the formal steps to identify yourself with our Church before u can claim the money.
They are as follows: You must identify with the symbols of our Church, which are BREAD and WINE." 
1. You must send us a picture of yourself holding our Church name printed on a banner. You must be seated. 
2. You must send a picture of yourself holding a bottle of WINE to your ear.
3. You must send a picture of yourself carrying a loaf of BREAD on your head.
Here is Pastor Samuel doing as he was asked: Holding the banner of the Church!
Next, he has to hold a bottle of wine to his ear...

Just look at this mugu of a Pastor! Actually held a bottle of wine to his ear! Msscheeeeewwww!!

Oya, Next, carry a loaf of bread on your head! 

Check: The picture Pastor Samuel sent to Father Ted claiming it is his Church...


...looks dangerously like the Vatican to me! Chei! Wetin greed go do this world eh... 
...Now this cat claims the biscuits: His Nigerian passport...
FRIGGING A4 PAPER! Wetin person no go see finish for this world.  God help us!!!


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wahala dey o! Ahn ahn!

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I think I have read this somewhere b4

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LMAO, this was absolutely hilarious. See as the mugu come pose with bread on top his head. Hahahahahaha