Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Sunday: Of Grammar and Resignations.


Hallos y'all :)
How's it going this sunday?

I'm at the point were my sides are aching from laughter and I just thought I'd share lol
See, I was going through my old mails...i'm talking 12-13 years ago.

Some nostalgic stuff. Pen Pals...Boyfriend...Toasters...sigh...The jokes. lol. One of the jokes is responsible for this post.A friend of mine sent it to me in 'O5 and lawdy...

Just read:

Hello guys, 

Below is a resignation letter I stumbled across. There would have been nothing to it but this letter was actually bearing a signature of approval.
Here it goes:
Dear Sir,
Tribute, gratitude and steadfast to uplift the company edge, waxing stronger and reference to development in education and knowledge; and for the completion of the course of study period 2003 to 2005 as a marketing student under the department of business and communication at the polytechnic Ibadan HND.
And in order not to vituperate the ethnic, absentism and maverick to the duty, I hereby disburse my thwart.
Source undisclosed for obvious reasons.
Y'all have an awesome Sunday...Okay...enjoy what's left of it :) 


Toinlicious said...

Disburse my thwart? Lwkmd o

TheRustGeek said...

My poor sides are aching at this..... Interesting one, presumably the resignation was accepted?

aeedeeaee said...

@Toinlicious Yes o! Disburse his thwart.

@TRG That's the saddening part...sigh.

Nutty J. said...

Hahahahahaha....disburse my thwart? And this was approved?

What does the whole letter mean in short? Lmao

T.Notes said...


T.Notes said...

just noticed the 'spill...words,that is!' u r NUTS!!!

aeedeeaee said...

@Nutty J The twat was resigning ni o! That's the entire letter in ENGLEEESH. Sigh

@T.Notes I just had to be clear on the spilling is all :|
Thanks for visiting :)