Saturday, July 21, 2012


Ok so i've been toying with the idea of doing a post.

seriously....I have witnesses.

Started an audioblog. No show.
Planned a vlog sef. No dice.
I get home every evening and power my laptop and will my self to write something. Anything.


I just don't understand this love-hate relationship between  my brain and my body. They can't seem to reach an agreement on working terms....You know? Terms of working together...Shyt.

I just wanted to write something. Is that too much to ask?


Living has been bitter-sweet. Work's been alright. A few changes in my usually relaxed schedule. I used to resume at about 3pm and knock off at midnight. Now I have extra On-Air hours. Annoying shyt but manageable.

Another curious thing: The feet are already itching to...conquer new frontiers.
I'm still praying for direction.
I hope I find one soon.

There's so much to write about...I just need my processors (read: Brain) working properly. They're not working optimally.

Someone thinks I need a vacation.
You know, I haven't had a vacation in 4 years. I left a job and walked right into another. No time in between. Whacky shyt huh? And now, my day off is no longer sufficient. Serious third world issue.

Don't get it twixxtid: I'm having a whale of a time at work but I fear I might breakdown if i don't get 2 weeks soon. Sad part is I'm not due for a vacation....Shyt. 

Now this post is very incoherent. Even I am having some trouble understanding the shyt i'm writing

I should just stop...

I'll still work on that audioblog...God help :s


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