Tuesday, June 19, 2012

knock, knock...

Hi Hi..

I know you haven't given up on me yet.

Or have you...?

Quite a lot has happened since the last time we intercoursed...

My life flashed before my eyes a few times in the last 2 months. I'm healthy now. Thank God who's been totally awesome to such an awful sinner. I'm seriously working at my relationship with HIM. It's looking good.

So...Long story short:

The door of my friend's truck somehow managed to hit my knee. 'Twas throbbing like hell and we were off to attend a wedding. My friend's son offered me a tablet of Tramadol. (yeah. my friend's 54...I'm geriatric like that...lol) I totally forgot that I hadn't eaten a thing and Tramadol was bad on an empty stomach.

Let's just say that 30 minutes into the reception, I saw black. I couldn't breathe. I was shaking like a leaf in mid-december.

Let's just say again that for 4 weeks after that, I would walk the distance between my bed and the refrigerator and be out of breath.


I thought I was gonna die. I wouldn't sleep alone. Sometimes, I wouldn't sleep at all for fear of waking up dead. lol

Well, iHere. Thank God.

First world pains, if you ask me, Because, when I remember those that died in the plane crash in Lagos...the ones who were killed in their churches by the boko haram...the ones who have died today in the Kaduna clashes, I calm the heck down and i ask you to as well.

It could've been me or mine...hacked down so violently...This temple of blood, bone and muscle...brought down by a big wrecking ball without warning.

All their plans and projections, enriching the shallow graves which some of them who may not be identified because of the shitty country we live in, may now have to end up in.

I wake up everyday, lucky to be alive.

When I pray, I pray for this impending implosion called Nigeria..I pray for the puppeteers. May they not have first hand knowledge of the original "Operation Wrath Of God." 

Ask Pharaoh.


Stay well, y'all.

Till I crawl out again.

Hopefully, soon.



TheRustGeek said...

all's well that ends well as they say.. and if the more spiritual folk are to be believed, perhaps the true purpose of pain is to make us see that we need him.. Shall we drink to tramadol now? :) Thanks for stopping by!!

aeedeeaee said...




Thanks for stopping by....and welcome back :) {a little birdie whispered...let's cal her T :)}

LovePaprika said...

Omg I don't even know that drug but thank God for your life dear! Wow... Enough sad stories this year...

aeedeeaee said...

Thanks honey! Where've you been though?