Sunday, February 28, 2016


                  View from my bed

I'm lying in my bed this beautiful, beautiful Sunday morning.

I'm mentally preparing for worship aka church while marveling at God's sense of humour. 

God has a weirdly beautiful sense of humour and it's no secret I have a thing for a good sense of humour...and a smattering of mischief 😊😊😊

I love that we can talk. 
I love that he listens when I speak. 
I love that I try my darndest to listen when he speaks.
I love that he honours our many deals. 


We actually make deals.

Last night, we made one of such deals.
I was going bonkers looking for a nanoSIM that I was sure I'd kept on my bed. Believe me when I say I spent about two hours looking for this SIM. I even checked the 'fridge! 

Just when I was going to check outside the house, (even though I'd been holed up in my cave all day 😏) He whispered in my ear.


I was supposed to exhume a body I'd mentally buried last week. 

Okay, Lord. 
I will do it ASAP.
Just gimme my SIM. 

After the exchange, I went around the house one more time, came back to sit on the edge of my bed, resigned to my fate (etisalat's horrible customer service) I was about to turn on the TV and then on a whim, I turned around, there was my nanoSIM. Best believe I'd turned that mattress on its top a few times that evening. I howled and howled lol

God has a sense of humour. 

I've kept my own end of the deal. 
All is well with the world again.



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