Friday, December 27, 2013

It was a very good year...

When I was was a very good year
It had ups,
It had downs,
But It went my way...

Kept most of the promises I made to me
Some good,
Some horrid *gasps*
But it was all me.

When I was 29, it was a very fine year,
I learnt some important
lessons in friendship,
And it was all good.

No regrets.
No. Not one.
Are there things I woulda done



Thanks for being such a sport, 29.
A robust note, I shall write.


Hello 30.
It's good to finally meet you.
You and I will make good music me.


FYI, We're stuck with 22. Don't try to kick her out. You can't. ;-)


theOOhj said...

And 30 is the new cool... As I found out aeons ago :)

Aee Bonrue said...

Wooot! I'm now one of the coo kids :)

SNM said...

Do I see a sub?
Where's the destroyer?!?

:) ok cool kids :)

seye said...

Welcome to 30. Let's see how it goes