Sunday, October 13, 2013




The finality of death.

It hurts like hell, Tosan...It hurts to talk about you in past tense. If tears could bring you back, you'd be here right now showing off one of your designs...I would be critiquing right now and you'd be telling me how you didn't get much sleep.

I remember the first day we met. Sy's birthday party. The definition of a gentleman. I never heard you raise your voice, man. That smile was always on your face...even when you were mad. The day you explained why you preferred to be called "Tosan" instead of "Tosin". I remember laughing so hard.


Taught me everything I know about graphic design...enough to get me out of scrapes. I remember how you gushed about my work and told me I could get good at it.


The days when I'd walk into the boardroom at the office and you would be there 'coz you worked overnight on some design or the other...How we both had those "Don't disturb" SIM Cards and would cover for each other...How you'd say "Calm down" when I was having one of my moments.


Dead. DEAD.


Rest in Peace, my dear friend, brother, were one of a kind.

Rest in Peace.