Monday, June 9, 2014


Anxiety and Ennui are the Scylla and Charybdis on which the bark of human happiness is 
most often wrecked.” 

William Edward Hartpole Lecky 
(The Map of Life)

(FYI: Scylla and Charybdis were mythical sea monsters. Scylla was said to be a rock shoal (described as a six-headed sea monster) on the Italian side of the strait and Charybdis was a whirlpool off the coast of Sicily. They were regarded as a sea hazard located close enough to each other that they posed an inescapable threat to passing sailors; avoiding Charybdis meant passing too close to Scylla and vice versa.)

Hi. I'm Aee and I'm a wreck

I've been away from this space for so long but my mind has been here the whole time. I honestly wish there was an app that could translate my thoughts into a blogpost. Infact, I will put my money behind it fa.

If wishes were horses. 

There are so many things I would've done if I could just wish them into being.

I'd have changed the course of Game of Thrones for sure...and The Wire would never end and Goodluck Jonathan would sack his entire backroom staff...and 80% of his cabinet as well. Mario Balotelli would have signed for Arsenal last week and Bacary Sagna would have stayed back because I'd have made Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis et al give him the contract he wanted. Keshi's 23 man list would've been a little different. Nigeria would be having a Reconciliation Commission thingie going on now and not a silly CONFAB.


If wishes were horses.

Oh well, I've missed this place and I hope I never go back to not writing on here ever again. See, even though I talk for a living, there are things I desperately want to say but can't because I probably will be jobless after saying them. Twitter and I are on some kind of "trial separation" and Facebook doesn't help much...largely because you can't say anything without people patiently waiting on the sidelines to fit you into the "right box".

If your views aren't feminist enough, the feminists will attack, if they're too feminist, the misogynists get their drawers in a twist. If the rabidly religious ones aren't on your case for being "too secular", the atheists are chewing up your bones for being too religious. As if it's not bad enough (Thanks to a new era of acute political awareness) the jaundiced Jonathanians or GEJites and the die-hard Buharists are there with their Pro/Anti APC/PDP boxes. Tiresome stuff, I tell you.

This is just one of the reasons I miss here so much.

Here, I write what I want. When I want. How I want and I shall do more of that going forward.
Life's too short, there's too much in my head and I pledge to burden y'all with a good chunk :D

For now, I'm done.
Have a great week!
I promise i'll be back before you notice I'm gone.


New Job.
New City.
Tomorrow :)



TheRustGeek said...

New job, new city...

I want to be like you when I grow up finally ooooo

SNM said...

Somebody shout hallelujah!!!

We shall be patiently waiting.

'Lara said...

If wishes were would be a better place.

Please do come back to blogger and share your thoughts