Monday, August 6, 2012

...of all these things, the greatest is love

Yo Yo!

What's crackkkking?
I found this while I as aimlessly surfing last week. Okay. I wasn't aimlessly surfing. I was surfing for materials for my radio show. It's an Omnibus-esque show. 6 hours. WORK. phewww. Need I say that this last weekend, I slept for close to 9 hours straight. Did not stir, consciously or semi-consciously. Prolly stirred unconsciousy...Drat. I digress. I stumbled upon this text and I thought I'd share.
Seems like a great read to start le week on so, here goes:


Look at yourself.
You are human.
You are beautiful.
You can be anything.
You can be everything.
Do not think no one loved you, or you were made to feel fat, thin, stupid...worthless.
Do not feel sad about things beyond your control.
Don't hang on to painful memories.
Don't be afraid to let go.
Don't waste your life on those that are not worth your time.
Forgive those that hurt you.
Stop taking things for granted.
Live for yourself.
Fall in love.
Fall out of love.
Always ask questions.
Don't be afraid to show how you really feel.
Create. Imagine. Inspire. 
Make something beautiful.
Make someone's day.
Follow your dreams.
Follow the stars.
Live your life to its full potential.
Live your life with passion and vigour.
Just live.
Don't look back with regrets.

Trust me, If you don't love yourself or have respect for yourself, all this will mean diddlysquat to ya. Right. That said, I'm done. I don't remember if there was a title now....I'll find out and post a title...and the link.

Y'all have a blessed week.

Cos X say so :D



Toinlicious said...

I love it

Original Mgbeke said...

Love! *copies and pastes to my inspiration board*

Ginger said...

"Don't look back with regrets".

Show me the man that looks back without regrets and you have shown me a god!

Thanks for sharing!

aeedeeaee said...

Danke ladies!

Glad I could help :)

rainbowlove said...

This is lovely..first time here.wud. Love to keep ds in mind.