Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let’s play catch up – Part II

This is good.

I’m actually here writing more rubbish barely 72 hours since my last post.
I could get used to this yo.
I could actually start writing sense.
With the gobbeldygook going on in my head right now, I hope this post is coherent in the end.

So i’ve been doing a lot of introspectin’ lately.

See, growing up, I had plans for my life...You i thought my life should pan out. I wanted to be a rapper and an electrical dad squashed that. “Nooo. Electrical engineering’s too tasking for women. Why don't you study PetroChem Engineering or something...” But i was too rebellious to go that way so i chose something else: Food Science and Technology. My dad almost had a minor coronary. He couldn’t do zilch though because he was far away in Europe. Lol. Gave me time and space to pursue my insanity with gusto. (The rapper bit died of natural causes by the way :~I)

When I became legal (Read: 18) I had it all worked out...fairytale style.
23:  good job,  good man (mmm hmm), my own home...
30: a second masters degree. All the trappings of a comfy life.

Looked damn good on paper...implementation though...sigh...

Anyway, all eez wvell in ze job and home department...My job gets more interesting by the day (not without it’s challenges but i wasn’t promised a rose garden :)) and My home should be ready in two months. (I hope, for his own sake, the caretaker ain't lying cos imma whup his bleck behind to Okija and back!) I cant wait...I’ve commissioned bookshelves already!

I’m currently working towards my first Masters degree. It feels like I’ve been going round in circles only to end up where i started...Where I always wanted to be. I just know i had to do that mulberry bush dance...some sort of preparation for today.  Yeah, GOD had other plans so i ain't complainin’.  I couldn't have pursued a masters degree in Lagos, not with the monster schedule i was operating on. Not on that it’s just as well.

As for the “good man” department...Things have been a li’l rocky recently (Currently between men . Nothing to tell jare...Don’t h-alz me :s) cos ~Good man~ in my own peculiar context means a man who’ll accept me, my career, my dog and my numerous frailties. So far, i haven’t been very successful.

Let’s not gerrit twixted, There are men. They all start off not minding that i’m independent and then end up in a beautiful dead end street called “resentment”.

They all commit a fundamental error: They try to change me.

I don’t think that’s entirely fair. I’m not trying to change you, why try changing me? To mold me into your idea of what “your” woman should be? I don't get it. I thought the expression was “warts and all”. I mean, i accept AND accommodate all your friends...dumb, smart, fat, lean and hungry...I even accept your PS3 and xBox...I don’t even rib you for not enjoying footie or for worse: being a die hard Chelsea F.Shit fan. Damn I hate chelsea! But I accept your STOOOPID blue jersey...and these are just trifling matters...aaaaargh! I’m done. Fin.

I just can’t with men. I’m not even fighting it. I’m still trying to understand womynfolk. Don’t add to my course load.

tsk tsk.

It doesn't help that my aunt expects me to announce a boyfriend everytime she calls. My mom’s just worse. I told her the last time the “M” topic reared it’s...head, “I will be found. If I’m not found at 50, then it wasn’t meant to be. Not all of us are called to marry you know..”

She cried.

I’m not trying to kill her, really. I just think i should be allowed to decide to plunge or not plunge and who to plunge with...myself. At my pace. No be me go follow the man dey de house? Abi dem wan follow me chop konkiri when time reach? Divorce isn’t an option for me therefore, i wanna take my precious time and do it right. There’s no one to blame but meself if shit gets constipated.

Things have not been all round awesome, but on the whole, I’m happy.

Absolutely thankful.

I’m not there yet but I sure as heck ain't where I was yesterday.


I have this overwhelming urge to teach. Something keeps telling me I’m cut out to teach.
I thought i hated teaching.


I don’t know what I’ll be teaching but I know I’ll be teaching by the time I’m 40.

I'm currently in the process of making an outfit. Haven't made one in months!! I'm excited. Off to do some "Sura the Tailor" duties. If it turns out right, I might show y'all ;-) more edito. Kindly dot the 'i's and cross the 't's. Be thine sisthren's keeper ;-)


***Where do i get these ridiculously long posts from????***


Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO. You are one hella interesting and hilarious somebody. Was loving every bit of this post.
Man, we have it all planned out shey? Steez looking good on paper and things. God dey sha!

As per this man matter. Word! If they don't find us then it wasn't meant to be shey? Lmao. No make ya mama cry o, they just can't wrap their heads around such mentality.

aeedeeaee said...

My sister, i haf taya for the kain matter! it doesnt help that all my married friends are slowly but surely entering my do-not-call-even-during-an-emergency list. They only ask when i'm getting hitched! ha! agam agba zi oso eeee???

SNM said...

Finally did it, sat down and I am going through this.