Friday, April 27, 2012

Let’s play catch up – Part I


A post.

Its been a while. Actually, 5 back-for-good-posts long ago.

Lots going on. So much actually. Sometimes, I think too much then I remember the people who were killed in all the uprisings and the Boko Haram fiasco and i just say to myself: CHILL THE h-EFF OUT.

That does it, basically :) 

Everyday, in the last few months, i’ve woken up with “Imma blog today” on my mind. I open the “New Post” page and stare blankly at it like it were some strange thing from space.

I started out the 30 day challenge. I tried...boy did i try...God knows i wanted to finsh it. All 30 days. Unfortunately, I didn't get past day 5...Sad story.

I toyed with the idea of writing for other people...Okay i actually did write a couple but I just wasn’t “feeling” anything i wrote. I tried writing down titles hoping that I would go back and flesh them out.


I tried just writing without a particular beginning, middle and end in mind...You know, a story crops up in my head and I start to write from no particular angle then something happens and I abandon it and....fill in the missing words.


At this moment, i have a hoard of titles and oodles of unfinished projects...and little or no hope...for reasons I can’t tell...I just know lethargy's one of them.

One reason this blog hasn't closed is that I have reason to believe, on the basis of the reason I started the blog in the first place, that i’ll eventually write here at some point...I very nearly shut down last month.  

Life otherwise has been pretty much the same. I still love my Job. I still Work, Work, Work. Brain shuts off at some point. Diminishing returns. Attempts to relax by watching movies are confronted full-frontally by a migraines and smarting eyes (like now). Then i work, work, work again. Then I shut down at midnight. Then the circle comes back around.

On footie nights, i get an extra headache analyzing and giving coaching advice from the front of the tube.

I haven’t been tweeting...much.
That’s a feat.

But! I’ve been reading a lot.
Some satirical. Some witty. Some downright clinically serious.

Dave Barry’s naked Insanity.
More Insanity George Carlin’s cache of Insanely insanes.
Erma Bombeck’s absolutely Loca_Loca_Loca writing.
Cindy Chupack’s sexual sorbets and other therapies...


It’s my wish to take a few minutes after getting through every book I read from now (ANY BOOK) and blog about it - so that it keeps the blog know a little memento of the help me recollect and...reflect...sometimes.

Let us all hope that the idea doesn’t end up in my head...and on here and that I actually go through with it.

I know I can.


Oh and I spent the last few hours trying to figure out why I dont have a bucket list and why I haven’t traveled in eons. I came to the conclusion that Le Bucket List can wait some but this chica gats travel...soon!

Brazil is already covered. 2014. World Cup. YIPPEEE!
Prayer point: May the spirits that kept me away from SA take another route. Amen.

India’s on the list. France is too. Malta...for no apparent reason. Greece would’ve been but for their issues. A few random places. I’ll probably meet some dude who no speak engleeesh and ride into the sunset in his Black 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible (Red Interior) which he bought in honour of our first date...

Hmmm. Sounds like fun now that I see it in black and white...That’s it. Those romance novels have to bounce.

More rubbish in Part II. Have to buzz off to work now.


I know there is a lot of incoherence happening on this here...rambly narrative.
I’m trying to live with it.

Thanks y’all :)