Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Name Is AeeDeeAee. I may be a Workaholic...

30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Hey guyss!

How goes it? I just got back from work and it feels like someone's shutting down all the "departments" of my body. I thought I'd post this before the light bulb in my head goes too.

I was faffing around the internet today looking for the perfect picture for my blog masthead design and guess what I found??


First thought was "Taaa! Tufia!" "Jump am pass" but my curious kitty took over and I dug in!


It said it "welcomes newcomers". Then it says to go through a set of 20 questions and "If you answer "yes" to three or more of these questions you may be a workaholic. Relax. You are not alone. ."
Relax??? Hia! Ok. How Do I Know if I'm a Workaholic? There was only one way to find out. Take the damn test. So I did. Imma share the results hither.

Please find below, a representation of my thoughts/answers at the time (and now):

1. Do you get more excited about your work than about family or anything else?
Answer: Sadly, Sometimes.

2. Are there times when you can charge through your work and other times when you can't?
Answer: Yes.

3. Do you take work with you to bed? On weekends? On vacation?
Answer: Yes *sigh*

4. Is work the activity you like to do best and talk about most?
Answer: Not Really...No.

5. Do you work more than 40 hours a week?
Answer: I work 10 - 16 hours, 6 - 7 days a week. Go figure. *wails*

6. Do you turn your hobbies into money-making ventures?
Answer: All my hobbies are my money makers. Hell, My current job came from a hobby.

7. Do you take complete responsibility for the outcome of your work efforts?
Answer: Sometimes, Yes.

8. Have your family or friends given up expecting you on time?
Answer: Yes. A loooong time ago.

9. Do you take on extra work because you are concerned that it won't otherwise get done?
Answer: *grits teeth* yesss.

10. Do you underestimate how long a project will take and then rush to complete it?
Answer: *insert hysterics* hell yeah. One of the reasons I left the office late today, again.

11. Do you believe that it is okay to work long hours if you love what you are doing?
Answer: yes. but it's true, no?

12. Do you get impatient with people who have other priorities besides work?
Answer: Used to...I changed.

13. Are you afraid that if you don't work hard you will lose your job or be a failure?
Answer: NO. Never how hard. I learnt early

14. Is the future a constant worry for you even when things are going very well?
Answer: well...No.

15. Do you do things energetically and competitively including play?
Answer: Uh_mm...Yes.

16. Do you get irritated when people ask you to stop doing your work in order to do something else?
Answer: not anymore.

17. Have your long hours hurt your family or other relationships?
Answer: my friends...Yes.

18. Do you think about your work while driving, falling asleep or when others are talking?
Answer: Used to a lot...have reduced some.

19. Do you work or read during meals?
Answer: Everyday.

20. Do you believe that more money will solve the other problems in your life?
Answer: Naaah.

*wistful sigh*

So what d'you think? Am I a workaholic? need. I'm looking for an online meeting.



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Laurenta said...

hahah id buy that toilet men

Ginger said...

Madam you collect all the Yes! Wahala. your own pass o. Biko detox quick quick!