Monday, April 12, 2010

The Untitleable.

Friday, September the 13th

The meeting.
Eyes to body. Shet.
Eyes to hair. Shucks.
Eyes to face. Shet!

Lips like strawberry…Thinking how I wanna eat it…
Abs. “I  wanna touch ya” My head said.

Virgo, you’re not allowed.
Then he walks up.
He’s not alone.
“Meet my Girlfriend.”

The dying.
Oh well.
Stop. You’re not allowed!
Oh well.
 The parting.

“Oh! You live in this part of town? I live here too! 
Think of the girlfriend.  Think of the girlfriend.
I’ll come visit you.”
Oh Shet. Yes. No. Fuck it! Yes.

“Not with that ‘do.  Do something about dad...”

The Visiting.
"You came."
"Err...Come in.."
"Nah…I’m just casing..."
 Laughter.And goodbyes.

The third Meeting.
That meeting.

The handshake.
The wanting of more.
The wakeup call.
He has a girlfriend!

The shocker.

“We’re breaking up...Me and my girlfriend.”

Bad grammar. What da heck. They’re breaking up.
You can have strawberry lips now!
Heish up!
“Why are you telling me.”
The First meeting of the eyes.
"Because I think I’ve just found the One."

Son of a bitch!


neefemi said...

Lol...indeed...son of a bitch is right

~B~ said...

ha! the one??
e easy lyk dt?!

but hey, at least u can hav d 'strawberries' without d guilt! :P

BBB said...


at least its guilt free now

Miss FlyHigh said...


aeedeeaee said...

Thanks for reading ladies! More to come lol The tori just commence lol

F said...

Hahahahaha... Nice one... I hate that men... Segzzy someborri... U now see the girlfriend... To quote you "SHETT!". LOL. Looking forward to the continuation... :)

Tisha said...

don't you hate that feeling
that you may be the reason for the break up
and pls find out for sure that there was a break up
cos guys lie sometimes
selfish se