Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey Guys! (I'm just breezing through.) How're y'all doing?

This poem was done by an eleven year old friend of mine. I asked him if i could share it and he said yes. So here we go:

The moon  is  a  heavenly  body,
Rounded  so  holy  in the high skies,
From the  night skies, children ,
Who do have sleepless nights, gaze upon you.

The moon so  roundly majestic ,
With  the stars, who adorn your head,
You look like a bride awaiting her groom.
You are  precious to all  nightlovers,
As you brighten the night skies,
For ages gone & yet to come, 
God bless you MOON.

© J.D

I told him i'd marry a maxi him lol. I hope you found it as enthralling as i did. Y'all have a swell weekend.



RIP DaGRIN...We're gonna  miss you...

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~B~ said...

awww @ You look like a bride awaiting her groom.