Friday, April 23, 2010

The Final Curtain Call...

DAGRIN died.

DaGrin died?? It was all over twitter. I was at my stylist's tryna get a weave on and the first thing i see on my timeline is:

"Is dagrin dead???"

I panicked. Then I said

"can some1 verify this dagrin gist and stop these bludeh rumours?!?!"

...and there it was:

"Ok its confirmd Dagrin is dead, my sis is a med student in Luth n she rang me crying like hell!!! RIP"

I just ripped.

"Shit." Was all i said. There was too much going on in my head but thatwas all i coul muster.


I was just starting to like the guy...He's just a wee one! 23 years WTF???!!

The sad part is that he was alive after the accident...How can someone be alive for seven days and then die? Our Health care system is this country is for shit...THAT'S HOW COME.

His life...and death should be a lesson to all of us young people...For those young 'uns who want to live fast...Die young and have a good looking corpse, they will...

This morning, I cried. For a life hardly spent. For a career that has been nipped in the bud. For us who now mourn. For the grin i will never see again...

I'm getting morbid...and incoherent...

I'm out.

Good night DaGrin...Imma Miss Dat Grin..


BBB said...


Anonymous said...

Waste of talent..

Hope you're good though.


LovePaprika said...

so sad

NoLimit said...

May his soul RIP.
Waste of talent!Very terrible loss to the industry...

Myne Whitman said...

RIP to Dagrin.

BTW, still waiting for Untitleable 2, lol. Thanks for Blog rolling with me.