Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ranti and Rant

The last time I had a real post up?? I don’t remember mehn..Work has really been a female dog, walahi! Twitter??? Plix! Don’t even talk about that likkle birdie…She (he) has been a real fortress. (Dead) That green window on my desktop…that allows me vent and rant and rave…real time…Surely, is a good friend (*Deader*)A friend in need..Yeah, I said it!

NEPA/PHCN/Whatever they’re called these days are really stoking my very last nerve. I haven’t had NEPA generated electricity in my house in the last…Goodness knows how long…I can’t wait for the #lightupnigeria campaign to kick off grassroots style joo. Let’s give these mofo a run for their money, mscheeew!

Shoot! These people should respect the fact that I’M IN THE LOO AND LEAVE ME THE HECK ALONE!!! Can’t I even have loo time??? Psst.
Yep .i’m Blogging from the loo. I do everything in the loo these days..except eat ofcourse…I hope to God I don’t ever get to that stage *horrified*. Why? I don’t have me time anymore…it’s real. I wanna chill? I go to the loo…I wanna clear my head? Loo’s the place…I wanna take a call…Hey, I head to the loo…I need a new Job. This isn’t working…I love my job but this *oss is killing me! My social life is for Shit, my love life is rested, my family’s wondering if I still live at home or what??? My friends call me and say let’s hang out..on a Frigging Saturday…only for me to call them up at 3P.M and say something came up. My Boss’ OCD is driving me nuts!!! I t has to be OCD. ..

Arsenal’s 2nd on the Table. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Abeg make una no disgrace me now o, dis one wey I don first praise una…

Uhm…They won’t let me finish…I ‘ll finish this up soon…

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