Wednesday, October 21, 2009

S.O.S - Code X

Temperature rising
Words, stuck
What's happening?
No, not losing grip,
It's just. . . When i think of me,
I see you.

Alone, with d tube-again.
Yep. Just been shelved-again.
Oh! I've seen this scene before!
No, not a movie
It's just. . . When I see this love story,
I see Us.

What now?!
Tis Over, done with!
Fourth finger band in place,
Yes, signed and sealed. . .
But truth is. . . When i look at him,
I see you.



Myne Whitman said...

Wow, what hidden meaning. Is this what I think it is? Tell me tis not so. But this poem is really good.

Where you been go girl, twitter abi? LOL

Fabulo-la said...

when u look at him u see him?

aeedeeaee said...

@ Myne
it's about a gurl who's with someone when she'd rather be with THAT someone who's a BUM.

lol...*sigh* @ twitter..those byrds are awfully should visit soon...visit oh, not get addicted.

@ Fab Fab
yelz...E dey appun. lol

aeedeeaee said...

Thank you for reading ladies...