Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Bizaaaack...I think..

Hoi, Hoi! Hullo! Anyoone home? I know. I feel like a fraud already. Try not to flog me too hard. I know. Na me bizzy pass. But na true...sigh...I just taya for my self. This post may seem incoherent...Infact, this post will be incoherent cos i can't hear my self think.

kai, there was a time i had too much time on my handsss...I want those days back. Not really sha. I just need a vacay *insertsadfacesmiley* is that too much to ask???? I've been working fulltime for..17 months and save for sundays (which i forcefully took back by the way) I have not had a day off! If that is not crazy, i dont know what is...I feel like i'm gonna implode...or explode...or both...I just can't see my self and the TV in my office is not helping my state of mind at all...seriously TV can be such a *beep* but i found the mute button...He's such a great guy. Why i had to wait tilll now still beats me hollow.

See that's something i've been doing a lot lately...Procrastinate. I've become quite an authority on the matter. This post shoulda come early this A.M. *SMDH @ my self*

Haven't been tweeting a lot lately either....don't wanna bore people with my murderous thoughts...and trust me those thoughts have been harnessed by a certain spineless fella who thinks he can just wrap his tentacles around Spain and say to Germany "Y'all are going down." I mean. It's like. What.De.Fack. If i catch that Octopussy ehn, i shall make him predict how i shall cook his ass. msschew.

Ok. all this anger is also because i was supposed to go to SA *Sniff Sniff* That was the plan *Banging head on the wall* I was supposed to see all that beauty from the stand *Bawling bigtime* not from the fracking TV! *Blows nose* #okbye

This post doesn't make sense..sigh...continue, i shall (or shalt? Tee?) This is therapeutic...sigh...

Now in the line of sight of my mind is a truly annoying Gold Circle Condom Ad i saw last night. Which agency does these Gold circle Ads, biko nu? The thing is giffing me sleepless days and dreamless nights...sigh...#ontothenext

See, it hasn't been Morbido Express all the way...My first time on a bridal train happened this past saturday o_O...My gurl got marrieeeeeeeed o_O. To a dude we didn't take seriously back then O_O Who'd have thunk?? I was supposed to catch the bouquet ooo, hmm, but i was somewhere discussing matters of national importance...Half of the champagne ended up on my clutch purse sha...That counts for something na, abi?  'Nyways they's on the' honeymoon and homegurl says it's banging! I think it was a #punintended statement *adjusts halo* at least they're legal *halo re-adjusted* Two of the three musketeers married...and there was one...sigh...oh well...

I'm working on a new TV show and it's almost all mine :) almost..I shall get there...The show still dey pre-production and my blood level is blinking *refill* God dey sha..

Yeah, i also go my hair did +_+ yup! Got me a weave jare...The thing fine sha...Still can't wait to rock my 'fro. Yeah. I'm bush like that.

So the premiership shall soon commence. Wenger? Arsene Wenger, no do wetin go make me curse you and your fore-fathers o, Comprenez-vous ? I don't want any rubbish this season. Respectez-vous calmement et donnez nous un trophée, s'ogbo? Ok. 'Cos i have the proclivity to be violent, in other words: JE VOUS RECEVRAI..! Agwacha la m gi o!

I'm off.
Back to slavery.
Paid slavery.

Peace out!

Somebody thought he was doing the world a favour...

....By doing this painting of Mandiba undergoing an Autopsy??? Says it was a kind of Tribute...tryna show that Mandela was a man afterall...I kent shout. His name is Yuill Damaso and i have one word for him: #Epicfail


Naughty Eyes said...

Very random post hehehe! But I like the randomness actually, distracting with no focus on a particular theme.

LOL @ your murderous intentions towards the Octopus. Actually it was when he didn't wrap his tentacles around Germany that they went down...

Nice to have you Bizaaack!

Ps: that painting is so crappy, it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with 'art'...

Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back o and I hope we;ll see more of you. Paul the octopus has been granted amnesty so...quit on the thoughts while you're ahead, lol..

aeedeeaee said...

hehehehehe correction effected, Sir Nutty Nutty.

Thanks Myne! How'v u been?