Friday, May 21, 2010

Me: Some really random ish...

This is a boredom induced blog post...I thought since i haven't done a random meme in a while, why not! So, Here goes...

1. I love Music!
2. Don’t touch my books…I like you enough to not want books to come between us…because if I let you, they will.
3. I am the first of five children.....Ada n'eri ukwu anu, yes ke! (means the first daughter who eats the rump of the...whatever animal they wanna slaughter :) ok that's eewwy..)

4. I am a very good cook and I love experimenting with recipes...I do loooooooove cooking...Sadly, I haven't done a lot of cooking since i came back home. Reason? There are 4 other women in my house...I don't like competition. Especially when I’m better :-D I know hehehhee

5. I'm a veeeeeeeery restless person. You have no idea…I also bore easily...very easily...If it’s not capable of giving me a mind-gasm, I'll be yawning in no time... (This includes everything. Yes, Including Men)

6. My family like every other has it's up and downs...Sometimes It’s like “WTF?? Am i really part of this clan??” but I love them to death! Just so we don’t gerrit twixted :D

7. I am very Afrocentric AFRICAN...a NIGERIAN to the core of my being and the apex of my...lets not go there. Thing is, I love Nigeria that's why i'm oh-so irked at all these charlatanous individuals who call themselves leaders. That's why i say, PREPARE TO VOTE IN 2011! Enough is Enough!
8. I am not easily impressed.
9. I'm a trained Food Scientist turned trained Radio Producer/Scriptwriter...

10. I am a shopperholic...I would need therapy if i had the kinda money they mention in thank God I'm not a Hilton...My life for Gbagaun (Thank Sir Scribbles for the phrase :-D) God help me, I'm tryna check my spending. (Kyrie Eleison...)

11. I.CRY...Contrary to what many believe...Trouble is I cry for the darndest the most unlikely the most "not-convenient" places...*sigh*
12. People close to me think I am stubborn...I think I got it from my father :-D
13. I dislike people "don't know" and wear it like a badge...More importantly, I dislike people who "do know" and shove it in other people's faces ever so tactlessly. *ok breathe*
14. I'm a "SEE" food person :-D
15. I love meat! I draw the line at Dogs...and Reptiles...and amphibians too...
16. I love fashion! Ok. I have a certificate in Fashion Designing. Before i got a job, i used to make all my clothes...I still do...ONLY when there's a wedding. Slap me later.
17. I don't appreciate male chauvinists.....I think they should be wiped out from the surface of the earth...or be cast into swine. #Okbye
18. I love red wine. Therapeutic :-D

19. I used to think Phil Collins was "blaaah" and poetry was wack. I used to be very foolish.
20. I say it as it is...I respect anyone like that too. If i hurt you, say it. I'm not likely to anyway...
21. I love sleep. Even more so now that i don't get much of it :(
22. I like having a good laugh...Groucho Marx, Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin, Richard Pryor, IgoDie, Maleke, the two American Chrises...these are my dudes any day!
23. I have a thing for foine dudes...who doesn't? Ok. this 23 doesn't count.
24. I usually don’t give a flying or hopping frog what people think of me…It’s their thoughts na, not mine. Mine’s what matters joo…
25. I don tire joo..I thInk I’m done. You fit add your own.




nonli said...

i cannot agree wit u any was a boredom driven post.... but then great stuff

Naija-World! Welcome to Nigeria

Nice Anon said...

I used to think eva wine was really wine until i came to obodo oyibo.

~B~ said...

lol @ Nice anon, mee too!!

awittyfool said...

hey, we hav so much in commmon, U must be one hell of a babe... lol
i love books too, Phil as well. and as for "foine" guys, it has been said dat "na foine boy wahala naim go kill me" but wot a way to go, abi? :lol
nicely blogged!

aeedeeaee said...

@Nonli What can i say? LoL..

@Ada Nduka @~B~ hEEHee shebi dem write "sparkling wine" for im body? ehn, na wina na lol

@aWITTYFOOL Yes o1 better fine boy kill you than Oby look-alike

Thanks y'all!

journeytoprint said...

How'd you get into radio production from food science?!?! And I love me my books too. I can't kill you for my books but I can kill you for trying to interrupt my reading. :P

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.