Monday, November 19, 2018

Fiction: “Jaaneman”


Kissing her was better than the warmth of the sun on a cold day. 

Looking at her from across the bar, I never thought I'd be able to get near her let alone kiss her. She wasn't like the others. The mere sight of her left me a sorry mass of inexplicable matter. 

There I was, my brain stuttering and stammering as she looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes. No woman had ever made me feel this way. This cannot be good for the Brotherhood of...Brothas! How in hades did I get here? 

How did I let this small geh with the lovely  heart-shaped face get under my skin? How do I explain this feeling to those who know me like I know myself without looking a tad bit dishonest

You know there have been others. There have been so many others. Remember those nights I told you about? Those nights when I had specks of the white substance obscuring the vision of my grey matter? Those nights when I was filled with anger at none other but myself? Remember those extremely long battles with none other but myself? Those nights that got too cold for comfort...those others  that blessed me with a welcoming embrace and that warm place between their thighs...those other that I, for the life of me, cannot pick out of a line up...those whose names I never bothered to ask because it didn't matter?

This one...this one is different. She shakes up a part of my soul I didn't know was in existence just by saying "Oga"

I mustn't see her again.


I went back today. 

You see, the smell of her cheap perfume couldn't seem to meander it’s way out of my nostrils two weeks after…after the first time. Memories of her cute dimples and the crucifix-esque scar on her chin sent my hormones racing towards Madam Jolomi's flesh market.

She told me about herself. Truthfully, I heard just about half of the things she said. Her eyes...and her crooked front tooth...and her dimples...the way they all came alive when she talked

The heaving of her breasts under the tight dress she wore sent my attention straight to a place that technically doesn't exist. I know this because she started crying for some reason. I had no idea what it was. I tried to comfort her and then, somehow...we...we ended up having slow, spine-tingling sex. She refused to take my money this time…That can't be good. 

Can it? 

It's raining outside. I might just stay the night. I should. 

Should I? 


You must bear with me. I am sprung. The chemistry is absolutely unmistakable and so I have decided that while I'm still feeling this way, I will surrender my soul to this...this...mythical force that has my scrotum. For some strange reason, the feeling is sublimely delicious.

Merry Christmas.


It was valentine's day. I finally managed to bench the verbal paralysis that plagued me since she came into my life. I asked her to marry me and you know what? She took my hand in hers and said "NO". I listened, absolutely perplexed, as she “schooled” me. 

Marriage wasn't for people like her. It didn't work out for anyone in her family and hers couldn't be any differentyada yada yada kak kak kak! 

I tried explaining the sheer idiocy of the picture she painted. The final "NO" was said with a look I'd never seen before. The look sent several shivers down my spine. Brother, It looks like this whole business was nothing but a product of my imagination. A bloody liar. Almost got me thinking things could be different...shit! 


Lord, she was my blood. My soul-mate...mine as well as a host of others. Oh, we are legion, I learned...and we fell. Hard. Some, smack into nothingness. Total emptiness. Others, like me, face first into a pile of maggot infested shit.

What's the whole point of this love business? Please, don’t say it. I have a loaded gun.

I wrote this for one of our #WordPorn projects a few years ago. I just came upon it and decided it would be nice to write it in "English" and share with y'all again hehehehehe 

Plus, I’m about to make it into a film. Lordy...

Be well. 


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