Sunday, February 24, 2013

The "One Percent Project"

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Oh I said that already. Drat. It's been ages. Bizzy bee things. Forgive me. As it is, I'm not even really blogging. I just have some information to share and I hope you share after reading. I pray you share after reading ;)

 So, my sister from another mother, Temite, has this laudable initiative she's been working on and I thought I'd share it on here for those of y'all whose email addresses I don't have :D 

Here's the story as told by the beautiful people at One Percent Project:

On February 14, 2013, the One Percent Project launched an initiative to get 10,000 Nigerians to commit to blood donation to save lives.

Blood saves lives and we believe that the shortage of blood in many hospitals in Nigeria is absolutely unacceptable. In Nigeria, making blood available for each individual in an emergency can save 13,500 women every year and even more children under-5. There is no synthetic substitute for blood and blood from 100% non-remunerated volunteer donors is the only replacement. Thus,the goal of the One Percent Project Initiative is to work on making blood available for those who need it.

Why Should You Donate Your Blood?
Choosing to give a unit of this “precious gift of life” saves lives of those in dire need of blood. Nigeria needs just 1% to give blood regularly to ensure that in cases of emergency quality blood is always available for patients who need it.

Who Needs Blood?
Thousands of people would die daily if there is no sufficient blood in blood banks around the country. If one donates blood, the donor gives the patient the gift money cannot buy and science cannot create. A pint of blood can equal three gifts of life.

Below are categories of people who need blood transfusion:
  • Women hemorrhaging due to pregnancy complication;
  • Children with severe anemia;
  • Accident victims; 
  • Surgical patients;
  • Cancer patients. 

To help reach the goal of 10,000 people committed to blood donation, SPREAD THE WORD. Visit the website - to learn more about this initiative. Tweet about it. Talk about it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Blog about it. Yes! 
By all means, copy this information and send to all your email contacts! More people = More Blood = More Lives Saved!

Sample Tweets/Facebook Updates:
Did you know giving blood regularly makes you a hero? Sign up to become a blood donor today. It takes 2 minutes. 

Blood saves pregnant women, children with severe anemia, accident victims, victims of terrorism, surgical and cancer patients. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and become a hero.
Only one pint of your blood can save three lives. Sign up today and commit to blood donation. #2minutes. 

These are just sample messages; please feel free to edit it to suit your audience. 
Please request images of blood donors or find some on the donor site @ if that helps to pass the message better.

Thank you!

This is it folks. It is ongoing and I hope I have your support...On Temite's behalf. Now go forth and spread the word. Ngwa, I'm begging you to share this. Everywhere imaginable. Just copy and paste. Shikena! Thank you, o! Ezigbo mmadu :) 
Let's do this!

You know I love y'all right. I'm tryna clear the cobwebs clogging up the top of my creative juice mug. They seem to have been spun by spiderman on steroids. Once I get that done...


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