Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goodnight 28...Good morning 29 :)

So it’s about 2 hours before my 29th year on mother earth begins.

Do I feel older?




I feel like Methuselah yo. I learnt things I didn't think were possible. I soared heights I didn't know existed. I hit depths I didn't think possible and I’m really thankful to God for it was a good year…On a scale of 1-10, "WE" ROCKED A 7!

A lot happened with me this year…This year, I had an “spiritual awakening”. Some kinda mini break :D down. No I never felt like committing me-cide. I came quite close to wringing some necks…none mine.

For those who saw it and were there for me (…some of which don’t know this here joint exists though lol), I want to say thank you.

For those who didn’t understand and thought I was just being an asshole, I wanna say, I understand. We’re still family :)

In the last few weeks, I’ve had all kinds of emotions coursing through my body.

High. Low. Low. High again and posting countdowns on twitter lol

Pre-Birthday jitters. lol

I feel great! Happy. Proud. Thankful :) 

I’m ready to walk through that door and actually “Live” my life for once. I’m willing to shed my “workaholic” badge and see what life could be like outside of work.

I’ve realized, albeit in my old age (lol) that… I don’t remember what I realized. sigh. Dem plenty.
Okay I remember: I've finally accepted the fact that I can not help everyone and that I need to start helping meself. I need to start thinking of me. I’m going to be less stressed this year. I fully intend to relax more. 


Play Tennis



Whatever makes me gay…Imma do it with reckless abandon and I mean it this time. I really do.

I wanna say thank you to those who still read this blog, despite all. It surprises me to comments still.
I have no excuse. Things should get better. Promise.


I’m off to my pre-birthday parteyyyyy *WOOP WOOP* 

Lemme just say this before I go:

Dear 28,

You were a sport and *In Sarah McLachlan’s voice*  “I will remember you….” but it’s unto the next.


This is to my last year as a twenty-something-year-old :D 


Off to boogey down!



Please blame GEJ for any errors. It's almost my birthday joo. Cut a girl some slack :p


TheRustGeek said...

Boogey on buddy! To growing, learning and being... :)

Toinlicious said...

Happy birthday!

Toinlicious said...

Happy birthday!

aeedeeaee said...

Thanks y'all :) I'm still reeling form the amount of fun I had lol
Had to reserve some for "the big Three-Oh" lol