Tuesday, December 13, 2011


(Moves cobwebs gently...Lovingly even)

Yeah. No use clearing them since i'm not sure i wont be on another 3-month "break" after this...sigh...At least there'll be someone/something keeping the space bizzy.

How're y'all doing? Oh. I'm good. Listless at this moment but good, generally...Not complaining aloud...Yet. LoL.

I've been around...New job. remember? Yeah. Relocated to a small town across the Niger...Love it here. I actually see squirrels and hear bush fowls...I hear they have very healthy snakes here too. (Dear Lord, Please keep them away from me. Amen.)

Work is fun. Yeah. It's attendant politics and Polemics ever present. I love it. It's what i was made to do. Doesn't feel like work...Monetizing a hobby....LOVE IT! Did i say that already? Ok.

Like play, the year has ended...Gon' put up the Christmas decor at the office tomorrow evening...woopwoop! I haven't the foggiest why i'm excited about Christmas this year...There's this tingle in my spine...Oh i know. Someone's coming to dinner :D :D

...and it's officially 15days to my birthday...wowzers! Gon' be 28 on the 28th :D :D Maybe i'll have (who now???) Sing to me...John Mayer perhaps (Crickets, Fat Crickets) Naaah...On my wishlist is a Tab. An Apple, A berry, A fire...Any will work, Thank you. God bless you. Yes You! If you dont buy it for me, it means i have to by it for myself :( Wont you rather I got some lovely clothes and gorgeous booties with all that money? Think about it oh. It's imporrant.


Is it obvious that i have absolutely nothing going on between my eyes at this moment? In fact, It seems to me that I'm babbling...Don't worry about me...Imma go back to work now...I'll have something to say when next I'm here. Guide's Honour.

(Bows out...carefully replacing cobwebs)



Myne Whitman said...


I shouldn't bother to say, long time, right?

Well it's nice to read from you. All the best in tour new job, and Merry Christmas in advance as well as Happy Birthday.

aeedeeaee said...

Hi Myne

People like you make me come back here...well the love for spinning words and the knowledge that y'all check up on this space.

Thank you :)

Original Mgbeke said...

Happy birthday in advance girll. Aint nothing like loving what you do, so keep up the good work. Enjoy your holidays o jare, and by the grace of God we go relate in the new year :-)

Utah graphic designer said...

How about raccoon and squirrels? can they add up the list? i don't know if these animals thrives in your place.